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Review in The Strad English. Read review in The Strad English Read review at www. Combining rhythmic invention, which ennobles the natural vigour of a reinvented folklore, bright colors shaded by the importance of the viola part, and a spontaneous melodic outpouring that contrasts with the absorbing melancholy of the slow movements sublimation of the dumka , they give voice to an astonishing feeling of love and plenitude despite a number of personal dramas that the composer had undergone.

String Quartet No. 2 (Mendelssohn)

It is as though their irresistible animation formed the image of a people that was going to become a nation once again in Read a review at La Presse French Read a review at www. His own works are now being rediscovered and appreciated for the perfection of their craftsmanship, like those of a Russian Mendelssohn singing in his genealogical tree. Read a review in The Strad English Read a review at www. These ones surely do. Read a review at www.

He also composed seven intimate Quartets from onwards, his last one in Its immediate success barely outlived him, although its formal perfection served as a model for Schumann Op.

Carl Nielsen: String Quartet Op.13 In G Minor: String Quartet

Continuing with confused pleading in dialogue between hysterical register shifts from the violins, contrasted by the Dies Irae from the viola and cello, the movement reached a climax. A brief, plaintive recitative followed from the first violin, which was then enveloped again by the quartet as a whole, before moving into the rhythmically driven flourish of the folk-inspired fifth movement, Wild Dance.

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An antiqued style, with Eastern harmonic inflection, paired with fresh modernity, like the second movement, defined the mood of this movement. Broken once again by dissonance, the quartet flowed into the seventh movement, Coda. As a throbbing prayer, the movement scaled heighted rhythmic suspense to its conclusion of the piece, evoking the final climaxes of Bruckner symphonies.

Strauss - Piano Quartet in C minor, Op. 13 [Audio + Score]

Read Program Note. To "Imprimatur String Quartet 2 ".

Carl Nielsen: Quartet For Strings In G Minor Op | Presto Sheet Music

The finale has the interesting title, Allegro inquieto meaning restless. True to its title, it starts in an agitated fashion.

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  7. The first violin is given a highly dramatic subject, accompanied by off-beat pizzicati in the other voices. The excellent elaboration cleverly uses grace notes and unexpected twists in rhythm. The quartet ends with an exciting coda.

    Here is a first rate quartet, fresh-sounding and original in conception. It deserves to be heard in concert but is well within ability of the amateur player. Contact Us.


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